Combined experience of 200+ years

Elektro-Isola has been working with American full-service thermoset composite manufacturing and machining company Franklin Fibre since the 1980s. Our combined industry experience totals an impressive 200+ years.

Only one day apart

Franklin Fibre has been our permanent partner in the U.S for more than 30 years. Our partnership with the company has always been underpinned by a high level of reliability, stability and experience, which is why we have great confidence in referring our American customers to them.

Like us, Franklin Fibre also specialises in high-tech composite CNC machining. But that's not the only thing we have in common. The age difference between the two companies is precisely one day. Franklin Fibre was founded in the eastern U.S. state of Delaware on 21 February 1921, and the following day, on the other side of the globe, Elektro-Isola was founded in Vejle, Denmark.

Quality a defining parameter

Both our companies have thus celebrated their centenary anniversaries this year. At Elektro-Isola, we are proud to offer expert and experience-based advice and ready-made quality components that reflect our many years in the industry – no matter whether you get our products through us or from Franklin Fibre.

Franklin Fibre also puts quality first, and it is our tubes in particular that play a decisive role in the quality the company offers its customers:

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“The tubes produced by Elektro-Isola are the best quality in the world, and it is not possible to find other materials that measure up to them in terms of quality and craftsmanship. This is clearly reflected in the finished items.”

James E. Vachris III, Sales & Marketing Manager, Franklin Fibre

Want to know more?

Check out the interesting case studies on our website and get some inspiration for your next solution. You will also find a wide range of material-specific information, including our three material groups Etronit, Etronax and G-Etronax.

You are always welcome to contact us for more information about how we can help you with your next customer-specific composite solution.

If you live in the U.S., you are also welcome to contact Franklin Fibre directly, who will help you get your project successfully over the line.

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