Why choose a composite solution?

An attractive alternative
Composite materials are structural materials that consist of two components - a reinforcement material and a thermosetting resin system. The two components are cured under pressure at  high temperature into the finished composite material. The reinforcement materials and the resin systems can be combined individually, making it possible to construct composite materials with very specific properties. This makes composites attractive and versatile alternatives to other structural materials.

High strength, low weight
Composites have stable geometry at high temperatures and have minimal deformation when subjected to loads. In addition, they have a high strength/weight ratio (the relative weight is approx. 1/5 that of steel and 1/2 that of aluminium). It is also important to note that composites have properties that do not deteriorate with age.

A wide range of applications
From their original application as insulating material in electro-technical designs, modern composites have spread to a large number of other industries, resulting in a constantly increasing number of new applications.