Ball-bearing cages

Ball-bearing cages enable mechanical movement

A ball-bearing cages is designed and produced for use together with a ball bearing. Ball bearings are used in countless situations and exist in many different versions. We primarily produce ball-bearing cages for spindle-bearing arrangements, which are high-speed ball-bearings. Some of the applications of high-speed ball bearings are within a wide range of industrial machines, including processing machines.

Regardless of whether the ball bearings are high speed or another type, the purpose of a ball bearing is to reduce rotational friction, thus optimising movement in all directions. To achieve this, the ball-bearing cage plays a crucial role, since the ball bearing is fitted to the ball-bearing cage, which contributes to reducing friction and thus enabling unhindered movement in the machine.

Because ball bearings are frequently used in applications exposed to extremely high forces or pressures, the ball-bearing cage has to be sufficiently strong to avoid ending up disrupting the operation of the application.

Specially developed composite – the obvious choice of material for ball-bearing cages

Ball-bearing cages are designed to reduce centrifugal forces, noise and wear. The mechanical function requirements to the materials used in the ball-bearing cages are extreme.

Ball-bearing cages must not cause friction but rather must be strong, resistant, light weight and manufactured with extremely narrow tolerances and a high degree of roundness.

We can meet all these requirements. One of the reasons this is possible is our use of our finest cotton-based composite material, Etronax MMMF, in our ball-bearing cages.In fact, Etronax MMMF has been developed precisely for the purpose of meeting the many mechanical requirements that are placed on ball-bearing cages and other components.The quality of this material is extremely high and paves the way for achieving all the properties necessary for ball-bearing cages. Discover the many advantages of Etronax here.

Tolerances are crucial for ball-bearing cages

To ensure that the ball bearing can slide unhindered, it is indispensable that every single part of the bearing, including the cage, is designed and produced so that the various dimensions match each other perfectly. These tolerances are absolutely crucial.

Some materials are so coarse that it is impossible to machine them to the right tolerances, no matter how accurate the machining.The quality of the Etronax MMMF material is extremely fine, making it possible to achieve exceptional tolerances during the machining process, which, needless to say, is carried out by competent and dedicated employees using precise high-tech CNC machining facilities.

During machining, every single detail is precisely rounded and deburred to ensure that the ball-bearing cages meet your requirement for perfection.

Elektro-Isola – your experienced partner 

As specialists in the development, production and machining of composite materials for electrotechnical as well as mechanical components, we ensure that you always get a professional and perfect result that meets all your specific requirements.

We have more than 100 years of experience in this industry, and as one of the world's leading suppliers of composite materials in a class of their own, we understand the great importance of even the tiniest differences.

Benefits to you

  • Cutting-edge CNC machining
  • Over 100 years of experience
  • Specially developed materials

Properties of ball-bearing cages


Suitable for components where frictional and rolling resistance may occur.

Mechanical properties

Suitable for applications where the materials are exposed to mechanical impact.


Resistant material with long service life.

Easy to machine

The easy-to-machine material makes for unlimited possibilities.

Industries using ball-bearing cages

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