Machined components

Machined to meet your demand
Machined components constitute by far the largest part of our production. In close co-operation with our customers we design components, which are subsequently produced and delivered – ready to use at the assembly line. Our tubes are used for ball-bearing cages, guide rings and a vast number of other mechanical applications. Providing electrical insulation, high strength, good heat and chemical resistance  properties, our tubes can be machined into almost any design you request.
Technology and craftsmanship combined
When you enter into a business relationship with Elektro-Isola, there are really no limits to the possibilities for machining. In the ongoing effort to provide high-quality machine parts Elektro-Isola has invested in advanced machines and special tools for the machining of composite materials. The CNC machining centres and Elektro-Isola's experienced and well-trained staff provide a uniform, high level of quality and precision craftsmanship.