Elektro-Isola celebrates its 100th anniversary with a new historical identity

On 22 February 2021, we will be able to celebrate our 100th anniversary! It will be a fantastic event, which we have been really looking forward to. We have been working on something important for this occasion, which we have been looking forward to sharing with you all.

History as benchmark

Based on our original visual identity from 1921, we have relaunched our logo and website. When the original logo was about to be designed, our founder, Valdemar Leth Christiansen, had the following thoughts:

"One day in March 1921, we had come so far that we needed printed letterheads for Elektro-Isola. I had noticed the letterheads used by Jagenburg Werke in Düsseldorf. This letterhead was printed with very distinctive fonts; simple, clear and legible in a way that you rarely see. [...] I wanted to use very large fonts for our letterhead, as I recognised that this was a good opportunity to advertise the business. It was my view that those large fonts would be noticed by our customers when they needed to find a letter or an invoice from us, and we used them for many years.”

Valdemar Leth Christiansen

Founder of Elektro-Isola, 1921

And that was precisely Valdemar's vision for the big and clear fonts we have chosen to return to on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Elektro-Isola. 

Elektro-Isola celebrates its 100th anniversary with a new historical identity

A celebration of the past and future

By doing this, we not only celebrate him and all the employees that have contributed to making us what we are on our anniversary. We also celebrate the roots of Elektro-Isola, and we could not think of a better time for this redesign than our 100th anniversary.

With this new identity anchored in history, we look forward to taking our family-owned company into the next 100 years and we are very much looking forward to see what new challenges the future will bring.

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