Elektro-Isola dynamo has been nominated for Mentor of the Year 2021

It is with great pride, we announce our Production Manager Geert Krogsgaard is among the five candidates nominated for Mentor of the Year for Vejle Municipality 2021.

Good judge of character with a focus on the individual

Geert is the day-to-day manager in our machining department, which consists of approx. 35 people divided into day, evening and night shifts. Geert is also responsible for all of our apprentices and the training they receive from us.

Whether permanent employees or apprentices, Geert always has deep respect for the qualities of the individual, both socially and professionally. As Geert himself says:


“When employees feel valued, our collaboration improves as well. I try to care for individuals and allow everyone to grow and become the absolute best version of themselves.”

Geert Krogsgaard, Production Manager

The work Geert does each day is completely unique, and based on the needs of his employees. For the 16 years Geert has been with us, not only has he helped a number of employees to enjoy a better working day, Geert has also made a real difference for many people.

No man is too strong to come to Geert

Because of the care, closeness and security Geert provides not only to our apprentices, but to our employees as well, even men who appear to be big and strong come to Geert if something is bothering them. They know Geert listens, takes them seriously and takes action.

Geert is not shy about involving close family, going for evening visits or doing what is needed. Most important of all, Geert always does things in a respectful and proper manner with the focus on the individual. The most important thing for Geert, is not to allow the person we want to invest in to fall by the wayside due to challenges.

In addition to his work, Geert is also involved in volunteer work. Among other things, Geert works to improve the conditions and framework for apprentices in general.

The humanity, empathy and the drive that Geert brings to his work with people is unique, whether here at Elektro-Isola or in his volunteering. This makes Geert an exceptional mentor who, by virtue of his personality and ability to see the individual for who they really are, deserves the greatest recognition for his considerable efforts in developing and assisting other people.

The winner of Mentor of the Year for Vejle Municipality 2021 will be revealed on Tuesday 30 November 2021.

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