Elektro-Isola joins Energy Cluster Denmark

For more than 100 years one of the main purposes of our business has been contributing to the electrical development of the society.

The green transition and electrification

In the end of the 19th century, the society started to be electrified and now we are in a new time of electrification where electricity as a part of the green transition is one of the keys to developing more sustainable energy solutions.

With our extensive experience within developing, producing and manufacturing high voltage insulating materials for electrotechnical industries we are taking part in supporting and evolving the electrical green development.

About Energy Cluster Denmark

Energy Cluster Denmark is Denmark’s cluster organization for the entire energy sector.

The vision of the cluster is for Denmark to be a leading green nation in the development and demonstration of innovative and global energy solutions by establishing and facilitating innovative collaborations between companies, knowledge institutions and public players throughout the energy sector.

By joining the cluster, we become part of a strong collaboration between important actors in the green transition of the energy sector who all have the same goal: Contributing to a more sustainable future with innovation in mind.

You can read more about Energy Cluster Denmark right here.

Elektro-Isola joins Energy Cluster Denmark

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