Let us stay in touch during Covid-19

In many ways, 2020 has changed how we communicate, and both personal and business-related digital communication tools have become a more integrated and established part of our daily lives.

Digital communication is indispensable today

Regardless of the current Covid-19 situation, digital communication media make it possible to maintain, develop and initiate cooperation between us and you.

Even though we would rather have been visiting our customers and vice versa, we prefer to be optimistic about the widespread use of digital communication. In fact, these platforms provide a wide range of opportunities and advantages in our daily contact with you, since meetings can easily be arranged and held with short notice.

It is a lot more flexible to arrange a meeting when none of us is restricted by physical presence, so we consider online meetings a valuable tool, which can be of great benefit to you as well as us.

Do please get in touch

Needless to say, we are always available, no matter if you contact us by telephone or email or in some other way.

Do please tell us if you would like us to arrange an online meeting.In any case, we hope that you would like to stay in touch with us digitally during this pandemic, at a time when we all must take responsibility for each other's safety.

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