New COO at Elektro-Isola

We are delighted to welcome Jan Seneca Iversholt, the new COO at Elektro-Isola.

Along with our production managers and 100+ specialised employees, Jan will be responsible for developing, futureproofing and optimising our 23,000-m2 production area, which includes prepreg production, manufacturing of sheets and tubes, CNC- and machining department plus warehousing and shipping.

Jan Farve Web Til Citat

I look forward to working with this exciting company, which prioritises its excellent values and employees

Jan Seneca Iversholt, COO

Product development in full focus

By fully focusing on production and process coherence, the ambition is to optimise production through automation and development, while at the same time prioritising employee well-being and safety.

Prior to Jan's appointment as production director, a comprehensive optimisation and development of the prepreg department was carried out during the spring and summer of 2021.

The prepreg department produces the basic materials for the further production of tubes and sheets, which is why a perfect prepreg is essential to achieve finished components of the highest quality. Thanks to the optimisation process in this department, increased focus has been achieved on safety conditions and processes, while the prepreg production process has been made more flexible and much more efficient. These conditions ensure that in the future we will be equipped to meet our growth targets, while at the same time maintaining and optimising both product quality and working conditions for the benefit of customers and employees.

Stig Krogh Pedersen

New COO at Elektro-Isola

The prepreg department has undergone a thorough redevelopment

With a professional background as a civil engineer in the production area and previous experience as factory manager, production director, production manager and LEAN specialist, Jan is ready to build on the development and automation work that has already been implemented in prepreg production.

It is a pleasure to take up a position in an already well-run company, which boasts an impressive combination of competent and experienced employees as well as modern production equipment, and I hope to be able to contribute to Elektro-Isola's further development.

Jan Seneca Iversholt


By increasing safety, ensuring meaningful processes and further focusing on quality throughout the value chain, from production of prepreg to the final refinement of the finished components, Elektro-Isola will be well prepared for future growth, development and rising customer and community requirements.

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