Product development

Since the founding of Elektro-Isola in 1921, we have developed and produced our own composite materials.

We have always focused on meeting our own high-quality requirements as well as international standards and norms, which is why we have been ISO 9001 certified for over 20 years.

Developing and producing our products ourselves means that we can offer you customer-specific product customisation and development.

If you need composite materials with specific properties not included in our standard range, you are welcome to get in touch with our product development specialist, who will work with you on finding the exact solution that meets your requirement. You will find direct contact details further down on this page.

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"Elektro-Isola is one of our top suppliers."

Øystein Arnevik, Head of Procurement and QA/HSE, BAGGES AS

Do you have a unique requirement?

Birgitte Møller Hansen

R&D Manager