Our materials’ properties: Get the full overview!

Whether you’re looking for a material with high strength, exceptional electrotechnical values or something entirely different, you can now get the full rundown of our materials’ properties via our new material overview.

Comparing several materials is quick and easy

The overview is ideal for anyone looking for a specific property in a material and for anyone wanting to compare materials based on several different parameters. Our overview also gives you a full rundown of the values for each material: Perhaps you may discover that the material you are currently using can be replaced by one of our other materials?

We want to ensure that you always get the best solution for you. That’s why our specialists are always on hand to help you choose the perfect material. They know our materials’ properties down to the last detail, so you always get the right solution.

Remember to specify all your requirements

We specialise in the manufacture and advanced machining of our own composite materials. That enables us to guarantee you competent and experience-based guidance for ready-made components that meet all your requirements. How easy to machine a material is will not always be obvious from its properties.

If you place high demands on features such as tolerances, flatness, roundness or the like, it may be necessary to choose one material over another; even if based on properties alone it may initially seem like you can choose freely between several different materials. Conversely, certain material choices may be smarter than others if the requirements for the finished component are not as exacting.

We are on hand to help you with all of this: Simply contact us, tell us your requirements and we’ll find you a solution!

Download overview

Download the material overview for tubes here.

Download the material overview for sheets here.

Search for specific values via our Material Finder

Do you know about our Material Finder? Use our Material Finder to search for the exact values you need. Once you have found the right materials, you can download both the technical and safety-related data sheets for each material.

Go to the Material Finder here.

Our materials’ properties: Get the full overview!

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