Composite materials

Advanced composite materials for every purpose  

Composites are the material of the future. Because at a time with focus on strong, light and durable materials, composites are a must. There are several key reasons for this.

  • Composite materials can be developed to be adapted to every requirement and solution.  
  • Since the use of electricity is essential for countless functions in our society, electrical insulation materials are a must. Composite materials can have electrical insulation properties, and here at Elektro-Isola we produce some of the best electrical insulation composite materials in the world.This is why we can guarantee that our material will never fail.
  • Since extremely high strength values can be achieved together with very low weight, composites are also well suited for mechanical applications.
  • Moreover, composites can possess countless different properties such as thermal stability, UV-resistance, a self-lubricating effect and very low thermal expansion coefficient. Find the material with exactly the properties you require via our Material Finder or contact us to hear more about the many possibilities offered by composite materials of excellent quality.  
  • Both the electrical and mechanical properties make composite materials an obvious choice when it comes to choosing a construction material.
  • Composite materials can be machined and post-machined so that all requirements are met, regardless of whether we are talking about a component with a decorative function or not, since we can machine composite materials to perfection, and the materials may also be coated, based on functional or decorative requirements.

What advantages do our composite materials provide?

Since 1921, we have developed and produced high-quality composite materials. Our composite materials are based on paper, cotton and glass, respectively. Over and above lightness and strength, each group of materials thus offers a range of unique general properties.

Originally we developed the products as insulation materials for electrotechnical installations, but there is no limit to their possible applications, and regardless of whether you require electrotechnical or mechanical properties – or perhaps something else altogether – you are bound to find that one of our composite materials matches your requirements.

Etronit and G-Etronax, our composite types based on paper and glass, are some of the most effective electrical insulators, and our cotton-based Etronax offers particularly good wear- and friction-reducing properties. You can explore much more about EtronitEtronax and G-Etronax or experience the specific properties of each material by searching for the criteria your require from a material via our Material Finder. If you have any questions about this, you are more than welcome to get in touch.

Composite materials adapted to your requirements

Despite the different properties of the materials, one thing they all have in common is they have been developed with a focus on quality and our customers' requirements. We handle the development and production of all our composite materials ourselves, and they are subjected to countless quality tests throughout the development phase, enabling us to guarantee a perfect material with the exact right properties.

If you have a unique requirement or a material-based challenge that cannot be solved via our standard range, we are thus able to develop a customer-specific material adapted to your specific enquiry. Furthermore, we are specialists in the advanced machining of composite materials, and with quality and your challenge in focus, we can deliver exactly the components you require.

You can find inspiration on how to use our materials for a wide range of components right here.

Your leading supplier of high-quality composite materials

Here at Elektro-Isola, the customer is always our centre of attention, and regardless of your enquiries or challenges, we will always do our best to ensure that you get a perfect result. With our more than 100 years of experience, you are in safe hands with us when it comes to the development and production of your new solution built from premium composite materials characterised by quality, precise properties and workmanship in a class of its own.

Our staff have specialised backgrounds in each of their specific fields, which is why we are always ready to advise you in our immense range of composite materials.

If you have any questions related to our materials or development of customer-specific material compositions, it goes without saying that we are always ready to have a chat with you. Do not hesitate to get in touch, and we will help you get on the right track and find the exact right solution.

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