Traction transformers

Traction transformers

Traction transformers require special components

Transformers for the railway industry and other means of transport based on electrical traction are also known as traction transformers. These transformer types are a critical core element of such means of transport because they need to distribute a massive amount of electrical energy correctly to the engines.

Robust and electrically insulating materials are required to produce these components. As there are often several standards regulating such components, it is of the utmost importance that all the fine tolerance requirements are met to perfection.

Since 1921, we have been developing strong, light and electrically insulating materials that we machine for precisely those components you require for your traction transformer solutions. We always guarantee that the exact result you require is what we deliver.

Electrotechnical composite materials – the perfect choice for traction transformers

We offer three different types of material in our range: Etronit, Etronax and G-Etronax. Etronit and G-Etronax are our electrical insulation composite materials, which are based on paper and glass, respectively. Thanks to their good electrotechnical properties, these are the materials we use in the production of traction transformer components. Every type of material is available in a wide range of qualities, so it will always be possible to identify a material that meets all the requirements you have on your components.

Depending on the type of traction transformer, the qualities most commonly used for the construction of components are Etronit B65 and G-Etronax EP 11. Both have good electrical insulation and mechanical properties and are light. G-Etronax is based on glass and our exceptionally resistant type of material. It is in this category of materials that you will find our strongest materials with the highest and most durable electrotechnical values.

You can get a complete overview of the properties of our composite materials via our Material Finder, from which you can also download data sheets with all the specific electrotechnical and mechanical data for all the qualities of material. Should your requirements be impossible to meet via our standard range, we also have the option of developing a customer-specific material adapted to your precise requirements. Please get in touch to hear more about the possibilities of developing materials.

Obtain the right tolerances via specialised machining

To produce a final component, not only must the right material be chosen, the component itself also needs to be designed correctly. To meet the high tolerance requirements, it is important that the material is as suitable as possible for machining and that it is carried out by using the correct processes. We machine your components for traction transformers via cutting-edge CNC technology handled by highly experienced operators with great expertise in the profession. Only the best is good enough, which is why you can always trust that we will deliver components with very fine tolerances that obviously meet all applicable standards in the area.

Elektro-Isola – your professional expert in composite materials

For more than 100 years we have been developing, producing and machining our own composite materials, the trademark of which is extremely high quality, and which are some of the absolute best on the market. So we know what we are doing, which benefits our customers every single time a component is to be produced, a material needs to be developed or a solution must be found. We are also happy to help you find a solution to your challenge. No challenge is too big for us, and our specialised team are ready to accept precisely yours.

Because we handle the complete development and production process, we are able to organise and adapt the processes to your precise and particular requirements, regardless of whether they concern the material, machining, delivery or something else. Do please get in touch to hear more about the many possibilities. We look forward to hearing from you!

Benefits to you

  • Specially developed materials
  • Electrotechnical properties
  • Traceability and quality


Electrotechnical properties

Suitable for electrical insulation and other electrical applications.

Mechanical properties

Suitable for applications where the materials are exposed to mechanical impact.


Resistant material with long service life.


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