When should you choose Etronit?

You should choose Etronit when you require a material with good electrical insulation properties and average mechanical strength. Etronit is based on paper. Advanced technology and many years of experience enable us to bring about the amazing properties that make Etronit suitable for a wide range of components and applications.

Etronit can even be used in environments with a temperature of up to 120°C. Thanks to these properties, in combination with low density and good machinability, Etronit is a versatile material available in a wide range of qualities with very different electrical insulation properties.

Our Material Finder allows you to find the exact type of Etronit you require. Needless to say, you are always welcome to contact us.

A special paper quality makes all the difference

We only use paper produced from selected wood from Scandinavia. These trees grow slowly, so they have longer wood fibres than other types of wood. Thanks to the long fibres, the paper, and thus our Etronit, obtains its valuable mechanical strength.

The paper used is also important when it comes to electrotechnical properties. When the paper is produced, the wood is granulated, mixed with water and finally dried to become finished paper.

Water and moisture being electrical conductors, paper with a high moisture content is unsuitable for the production of electrotechnical materials, which is why we only use this particular Scandinavian paper quality with extra low water content, thus ensuring that you always get optimal electrical insulation properties when using Etronit.

Etronit, Etronax og G-Etronax – what's the difference? 

The names of our three types of composite materials may look almost the same, but there is a world of difference. Etronit is based on paper, Etronax on cotton and G-Etronax on glass. Each product line being based on three very different types of tissue, three very different results are obtained.

In general, Etronit has electrotechnical properties. Etronax has a good strength but no electrotechnical properties, which makes it particularly suitable as a mechanical construction material. G-Etronax har amazing electrotechnical properties and the absolute best strength properties.

Compared to other available materials, our composite types are nevertheless especially strong, and with the low weight and other properties specific to every single material, you will always be able to find a composite material from us that meets all your requirements.

Do you need a custom-built solution? We can help you!

As specialists in high-tech machining of composite, we offer custom-built high-quality solutions always produced according to your specific requirements.

Developing and producing all our materials ourselves, we can also develop customer-specific material compositions as required. Do please get in touch with us to hear more about the possibilities.

Using the Material Finder below, you can find the exact type of Etronit you require, and you are always welcome to get in touch with our advisors, who are ready to help you find the exact right material for your solution.

Advantages of Etronit

  • Composite based on paper
  • Good electrical insulation properties
  • Easy to machine


Electrotechnical properties

Suitable for electrical insulation and other electrical applications.

Mechanical properties

Suitable for applications where the materials are exposed to mechanical impact.

Low density

The compact structure of the material optimises its mechanical and electrotechnical properties.

Easy to machine

The easy-to-machine material makes for unlimited possibilities.

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