G-Etronax: the composite material that does it all

We often describe G-Etronax as an all-in-one material. This is because the carefully composed resins combined with the glass base result not only in exceptional resistance, but also amazing electrotechnical properties, making G-Etronax suitable for countless applications.

G-Etronax is incredibly strong and retains its high mechanical strength even at high temperatures. This material thus has a high thermal stability, and some types of G-Etronax can be used at up to 210°C. Certain selected qualities are also fire-retardant, which is why just the thermal properties alone make G-Etronax a highly versatile material.

Add its extremely good electrical insulation properties, low water absorption and high machinability, and you can see that the applications of G-Etronax are virtually limitless.

Specially developed resins result in unique properties

G-Etronax is produced from a base of either glass tissue or glass mats combined with one of our resins specially developed to meet the high requirements to electrotechnical and mechanical properties.

It is the resin that defines the final properties of the material, and the glass acts as a reinforcement of the resin. For G-Etronax we use various resins, all of which determine the properties of the composite material, such as:

  • Strength 
  • Electrical properties
  • Thermal insulation properties

Do please get in touch with us to hear more about the many complex material compositions. We will then identify the right solution for you together.

Etronit, Etronax and G-Etronax – which is right for you? 

We have developed these three types of composite materials over the course of the last 100 years, so you can always identify a material that meets your requirements to the exact right solution. Etronit, just like G-Etronax, has electrotechnical properties, whereas Etronax only has amazing mechanical properties.  

For each type of material, we have a large selection comprised of very different properties based on the chemical composition.

Via our Material Finder below, you can download technical and safety information about the many different types of Etronit, Etronax and G-Etronax. We are happy to help you find the right material solution, so do please get in touch with our competent and experienced advisors.

Do you need a custom-built solution?

Then you have come to the right place. We develop and produce all our composite materials ourselves, our extremely competent employees winding them manually into tubes or pressing them into sheets. In the next step, experienced employees machine the materials using high-tech, cutting-edge machining technology. Since our own specialists take care of every single step of the production process, from development of the material to the machining of the final component, we are able to compose the exact solution you require, even custom-built, while guaranteeing a high quality regardless of your chosen solution.

Only your imagination is the limit.

Do please get in touch with us to hear more about the many possibilities offered by our specially developed composite materials.

Advantages of G-Etronax

  • Composite based on glass
  • Our absolute strongest materials
  • Outstanding electrical insulation properties


Electrotechnical properties

Suitable for electrical insulation and other electrical applications.

Mechanical properties

Suitable for applications where the materials are exposed to mechanical impact.

Thermal stability

The material remains functional and retains its properties even at high temperatures.


Resistant material with long service life.

Easy to machine

The easy-to-machine material makes for unlimited possibilities.

Do you want to know more?

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