We take responsibility

Since the company was founded in 1921, we have always taken social responsibility, and we naturally abide by all applicable laws, international standards and norms.

No external stakeholder must ever doubt that it is one of our absolute priorities to be a trustworthy and trusting company that all of our partners can always rely on and trust to act in accordance with the ethics and morals that any company needs to apply.

This also applies to both our external partnerships and our highly valued employees, who are responsible for and contribute to delivering the high quality for which we are known by our customers.

Focus on working environment and staff

Every single day, we strive to prevent future workplace accidents.

We are also very proud of the dedication demonstrated by our employees in their daily work, and it is one of our highest priorities to ensure that all our employees possess the best qualifications for completing their tasks.What this means is that our workplace should be a pleasant and safe place to work. There must be room for all employees, and we share a common responsibility for the well-being of everyone in our daily work.

We are confident that we are doing the right thing. In 2021, for the 40th time, we celebrated an employee's 40th anniversary with the company! This is an incredible feat and a measure of excellence which demonstrates that we take care of each other at Elektro-Isola.