New material tailored to the green transition

EVs, electric-powered rail service, electricity-based heat production. When it comes to green energy, electricity is clearly one of the most important power sources. To meet the increased requirements of the industry, we’re pleased to present G-Etronax EP 311 HC. This brand new material with significantly enhanced properties satisfies the most stringent requirements for the electrotechnical components that play a vital role in electrifying our communities.

Electrotechnical material with a high CTI

Leakage current is always a risk in electrical applications. This current flows across a surface in the same manner as a rogue electrical connection between two discrete points. It can be found in a variety of places, including electric train couplings that are connected via electrodes. Due to the possibility of a short circuit, it is important to eliminate any leakage current flowing between electrodes.

Leakage current, which can arise whenever moisture is present in the environment, can be challenging to prevent. That’s why materials preventing it from forming on surfaces often are integrated into electrical designs.

We developed G-Etronax EP 311 HC to answer this need. With an impressive Comparative Tracking Index (CTI) of 600 V, it’s the ideal choice for insulating and protecting surfaces. The CTI value defines the material’s resistance to leakage current. This resistance is important for a variety of applications and industries, including transformers, industrial-scale transformer network switchgear, as well as e-mobility and wind energy.

Of course, G-Etronax EP 311 HC also has the superb electrical insulation properties you’re familiar with from many of our other materials.

G-Etronax EP 311 HC

  • CTI 600 V
  • Fire class H (180 °C)
  • Halogen-free
  • Flammability V-0
  • EN 45545-2; R22, R23 and R24; Classified HL3
  • High flexural and tensile strength
New material tailored to the green transition

G-Etronax EP 311 HC is specially designed to satisfy the green transition’s need for electrically insulating and safe components. The image above shows measurement of the Comparative Tracking Index (CTI) in our lab.

Your guarantee for a high level of safety

When it comes to electrical applications, safety is not just a question of properly insulating and conducting current. It’s also crucial to ensure that every fire prevention requirement is met. When a higher level of heat is generated, it is important that the materials used do not exacerbate the situation.

  • NEMA Electrical insulation class H: G-Etronax EP 311 HC complies with NEMA class H requirements. This electrical safety classification specifies the maximum thermal load that can be applied in a variety of applications, such as winding engines. H is the most resistant fire class in the NEMA standard, and the material must be capable of withstanding 180 °C heat exposure to comply.
  • V-0: G-Etronax EP 311 HC likewise meets the requirements for V-0 flammability, which is the highest classification grade under the UL94 standard. This worldwide standard is one of the most widely used and recognised methods for testing the flammability of materials.
  • EN 45545-2: Based on the material’s low flammability, G-Etronax EP 311 HC is also classified under EN 45545-2 (R22/R23; R24), the European Railway Standard for Fire Safety.
E I 2020 Portraetter 35 (1)

G-Etronax EP 311 HC has been developed to achieve a high CTI value of 600 V without the use of halogens.


G-Etronax EP 311 HC is thus the obvious choice for a wide variety of “green” electrical applications.

Birgitte M. Hansen, R&D Manager

Composite with superior strength and durability

Along with its exceptional electrical insulating properties, the G-Etronax EP 311 HC material is extremely strong, allowing it to withstand significant mechanical loads.

The material’s high flexural and tensile strength allows it to withstand major mechanical stresses. Along with its superb electrotechnical properties, G-Etronax EP 311 HC complies with stringent mechanical requirements, making it the ideal solution for the further development of components in green energy applications.

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