About us

A leading supplier of composite materials
Elektro-Isola is one of Europe's leading suppliers of composite materials. Manufactured in Vejle, Denmark since the 1920’s, our products are sought after by a variety of industries around the world. Combining stability and strength with low weight, Elektro-Isola’s composite products have found a wide scope of applications – from electro-technical and mechanical to medical and aerospace industries.
Custom-made machined components
A part of our production is sold as sheets and tubes for further processing. Elektro-Isola's core activity, however, is the development, design and production of machined composite materials. We co-operate closely with our customers to find the most efficient solutions to their specific needs. Using the latest in advanced CNC machinery, our highly skilled craftsmen can modify our sheets and tubes into virtually any assembly-ready component required. Elektro-Isola is continuously investing in new technology, which guarantees the highest level of capacity as well as quality.